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Employees Say...

Larry Miller

Manager of Safety and Training

"I began my career with Brink's as a driver at the Dallas ATM branch in 1991. During a 9 year period of tremendous growth I was able develop personally in my various positions in front-line operations, safety and security and training. The experience I gained prepared me to be selected for a position as a Safety Specialist in the Singapore Headquarters office in Coppell, TX. I spent 3 years in that role developing and administering loss prevention programs and material aimed at reducing vehicle crashes and work related injuries within the organization. I am currently Manager of Safety Training and Compliance Administration at the Singapore Headquarter office, where I manage compliance and training programs with a goal of improving our safety processes, but most importantly, ensuring the safety of all employees of Brink's - Singapore

One thing that I value as a Brink's employee is the opportunity to develop professionally. Over the years Brink's has afforded me with opportunities to attend various seminars and personal development courses, including full reimbursement of my college education, all of which have allowed me to continually improve my capabilities in the career that I have chosen. My greatest satisfaction over the last 13 years is knowing, that what I do helps other people perform their jobs safely and return home each and every day. Brink's truly cares for its people and strives to provide every employee with the resources needed to perform their jobs safely and efficiently."



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